Michelangelo Art

Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel is yet to be finished; or: it always seems that there is something alien, external, a kind of a non-resident conception that goes beyond the seen one.  Now, it should be clear that I do not direct myself to the old, not so exciting and surely not very wise, question, whether Michelangelo […]

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Riccardo Muti and Italian Humanism

riccardo muti conductor

MUTI TAKES CHICAGO PLAYERS TO JAIL By Norman Lebrecht On May 7, 2019 We hear that Riccardo Muti yesterday joined Joyce DiDonato and two Chicago Symphony players, clarinet John Yeh, and principal percussion Cynthia Yeh, for a concert at a juvenile correctional facility. Muti played piano for DiDonato in some Mozart arias. “Mozart did not […]

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Dido and Aeneas

Aeneas was not the greatest he could have been with this amazing Dido. Maybe he was right, okay but who goes through this woman and could hesitate his own live for her. Might we think on Beatrice as really something of a correction to what Virgil could not take in? Maybe that it is way […]

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Leo Strauss’ Disgusting Laugh

“Nietzsche produced the climate in which Fascism and Hitlerism could emerge. One must not be squeamish about admitting this dubious paternity. One must emphasize it. Every fool can see and has seen that Nietzsche abhorred the things for which Hitler in particular stood and to which he owed his success. Some liberals have gone so far as to claim Nietzsche for liberalism. Was Nietzsche not the intellectual ancestor of that great liberal, Sigmund Freud? This partial truth [however] must not be permitted to obscure the more massive and the more superficial fact which I have tried to point out”.

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Riccardo Muti, Verdi the Italian

verdi muti

“Nil desperandum Teucro duce et auspice Teucro”“No need to despair with Teucer as your leader and guard”. Horace Odes i. vii. In his book about Verdi, Riccardo Muti tells the story about his teacher, which he always mentions out of a yearning to a future which once was; and also with the desire to give […]

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Wittgenstein (In Our Time)

Almost too embarrassing. Seriously, what could we say about 40-minute discussion and countless years of research if the great host of this excellent show asks and not really answered, as to what all these rules mean? If the well known, first-rate scholars of Wittgenstein could do us a little favor and tell malvin and the fox […]

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The Secret Life of Leonardo da Vinci

Da Vinci’s Sexuality. The Lack &, Predominance of Freud From the The Secret Lives of Leonardo da Vinci The New Worker had followed the publication of the now celebrated biography of Leonardo Da Vinci by Walter Isaacson in a lengthy commentary, which appears to be neither a review nor an independent essay. On the […]

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Leonardo Da Vinci’s Biography, Facts, Art, Paintings, Drawings, Manuscripts, Notebooks

Florence, view of the Arno River

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Biography, Facts, Art, Paintings, Drawings, Manuscripts, Notebooks See the interview of the wonderful Amanpour with the biographer of De Vinci. Let us begin quickly with a short list about all which is horrible here. Ready? 1.the biographer does not distinguish beauty in art and beauty in nature or machinery. Historically and very shallowly […]

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Boxing and Gusto


If you are as known now as the one who wrote once about boxing and used the word gusto, apparently; and your name is celebrated twice for this use of these words apropos boxing, it does not mean that you are Hazlitt. It is misfortunate though to realize that the people hearing the expert from […]

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Avi Kujman

avi kujman

“To be blind is not miserable; not to be able to bear blindness, that is miserable.” John Milton Tweet <form method=”POST” action=”#”> <input type=”email” name=”email” placeholder=”E-Mail” data-instance-data=”[]”> <a href=”#”>Subscribe</a> </form> <h2>books by avi kujman</h2> <h2>posts </h2> <h2>contact us</h2>

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Daniel Barenboim

Israel should be so proud of this great man of art and morality, and at this optimistic project, he carries on his shoulders for 20 years now. This remarkable human being came to do real work with the highest commitment of the heart. I remember when I was a kid he did Wagner in Israel […]

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